One of the greatest challenges a business faces is the collection of monies they are owed, debts.  At Sylkatis Law we help you collect these outstanding debts.  Depending on the type of the debt, there are many different ways we can assist your business in the collection of these debts. 

Sylkatis Law is not a debt collection agency; instead we are a debt collection attorney service who uses the litigation process to collect the outstanding debt instead of the unsavory methods other collectors may use.  Consequently our methods will help protect your company’s good name and reputation. 

If your company does not yet have a lien, either mechanic’s lien or judgment lien, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf in order to obtain a judgment.  Once a judgment has been obtained, we will file a judgment lien on any property that the debtor may have. 

Once a judgment is obtained on the underlying debt, many different collection methods are available.  Some of those remedies include:

  • Enforcement of mechanic’s liens and judgment liens through the foreclosure process
  • Wage garnishment
  • A levy on the debtor’s bank accounts
  • Writ of Execution where the court orders the sheriff to take possession of money and property of the debtor which will be sold to satisfy the debt

If your business has outstanding debts in need of collection or need to discuss your rights concerning the collection of a debt, contact us and schedule your free consultation today.



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